Annotated Bibliography

  • "A Short History of Enclosure in Britain." The Land Magazine. Accessed December 7, 2012 
"An occasional magazine about land rights". The article on this page provided thorough documentation of the British Enclosure Acts

  • Didimendum1. "'Red House, Bexley and Related Material." Flickriver: Photoset (blog). Accessed 
                   December 9, 2012.        

This photo gallery of the Red House gave our group a lot of inspiration on detail drawings, visual organization of the presentation and blog, and it is a source of quality photographs in general. 

  • "The English Enclosures." Youtube. Video file, 9:43. Accessed December 7, 2012.
The general information and visual elements in this video provided the starting point in our group's research on the Enclosure Acts. 

  • Harkness, Kristen. "William Morris and Philip Webb, Red House." Smarthistory. Accessed December 8, 
  •  2012.
    The reading on this page introduced our group to John Ruskin for the first time, he was a key figure in the Arts and Crafts Movement. Also, the plans of the Red House on this page was one of the many versions our group examined when drafting our own version of plans. 

  • "Handmade in Canada - The Art of Craft. 'The Arts and Crafts Movement.'" CBC Digital Archives. Video 
    file, 19:14. Accessed December 10, 2012.
This CBC document was very useful in explaining the Arts and Crafts Movement and the influences that Morris made. 

  • Kulh, Lynne. "Morris." Pinterest (blog). Accessed December 10, 2012.     
The owner of this picture blog supplied many pictures of wallpaper design by Morris.

  • Marsh, Jan. William Morris & Red House. London, UK: National Trust, n.d.
This insightful book provided thorough examination in every aspects of the Red House with its great photo gallery, accurate scans of architectural drawings, and quality text written by the author. The book provided a great starting point in guiding the direction of our group's research.

  • Muthesius, Hermann. "Part I: Development." In The English House. London: Crosby Lockwood Staples, 1979. 7 - 11.
This book gave us insight on the lifestyle in England during the time that the Red House was constructed.

  • "Webb, Philip Speakman." Oxford DNB Article. Accessed December 11, 2012. 
The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography was a great place to search up biography of key figures.

  • "The William Morris Internet Archive : Chronology." Marxists Internet Archive. Accessed November 31, 

This website provided a detailed list of the events that happened in William Morris' life. It was very helpful in the making of our timeline. 

  • "William Morris & Wallpaper Design." Victoria and Albert Museum. Accessed December 6, 2012. 

The Victoria and Albert Museum website describes William Morris' wallpaper and the process of its making in great detail; it was very helpful in understanding the work of Morris.

  • "William Morris and the Trellis Wallpaper." The Textile Blog. Accessed December 8, 2012.  
This blog documented the famous Trellis wallpaper designed by William Morris.

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